We Bring the team together online for fun well crafted experiential Team Building activities.  Results include improved communications skills, bonding and positive reinforcements.

Choose a Program:

  • VR Team building through Photography

  • VR Team building through Origami

  • Rock Paper Scissors Tournament

  • Virtual Museum Tours

  • Typing Speed Race

  • Jeopardy Night

  • Karaoke Challenge

  • Virtual Dance Party

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For outdoor events, our team building through Photography events leads to COOPERATION, CREATIVITY and AMPLE FUN for the team.


With a unique list of photo challenges, teams are brought together with a camera and their imagination. 


This activity is extremely flexible, as it can be operated at any time of the day and created with client input. It can be run as a team bonding experience and as an energizing and refreshing way to break up series of meetings/conferences. This group activity is perfect for groups of 20-200 and more.  


Looking for onsite or offsite programs?

How many people are participating?

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Time of the year that works best for team building?