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Team building through Photography leads to COOPERATION, CREATIVITY and AMPLE FUN for employees.


With a unique list of photo challenges, teams are brought together with a camera and their imagination. 


This activity is extremely flexible, as it can be operated at any time of the day and created with client input. It can be run as a team bonding experience and as an energizing and refreshing way to break up series of meetings/conferences. This group activity is perfect for groups of 20-200 and more.  


Program Details:

  • It connects your team with the local environment.

  • Develops creative and thinking skills

  • Advances a team's ability to visualize and execute ideas

  • Includes professional photographer at hand

  • Incorporates company's ideals, themes and messages into the experience

  • Entertaining, lively and unique day that engages participants - without having to endure overly physical challenges!

Looking for onsite or offsite programs?

How many people are participating?

What is your budget?

Time of the year that works best for team building?

This group activity is the least expensive and greenest Team Building option.


From $55.00/per person

2.5 hours to a full day


Contact at Richard at richard@digitalmirror.ca