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"Talented, creative, driven, hard working yet easy going, great sense of humor, style and grace. I knew when I first met him he was going places, and he surpassed those expectations. One of the few people I know who treats his business like a fun hobby. His mind is always spinning, conjuring up his next venture. He has the eye for detail and uniqueness. It's no wonder he's reached the heights he has."

-Hanna Tower


Reach your target audience with Digital Mirror using IMPACTFUL and ENGAGING Interactions.


Data Acquisition

Get pinpoint accuracy lead capture with our Advanced DATA Collection, using CASL/GDPR/CAN-SPAM compliance.  Collect Email addresses, phone numbers and/or visual guest surveys to understand your customers.  

Brand Marketing
Increase your brand with the most Effective & Powerful MARKETING tools.   Get right in front of your selected audiences with our 'segmented audience finder'. 

Get advanced DATA reports to measure performance.


Make your event a smashing success to be remembered, leaving your fans/guests entertained all night long with our custom one-of-kind experiences!  

How Do I Get Started?


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