"Talented, creative, driven, hard working yet easy going, great sense of humor, style and grace. I knew when I first met him he was going places, and he surpassed those expectations. One of the few people I know who treats his business like a fun hobby. His mind is always spinning, conjuring up his next venture. He has the eye for detail and uniqueness. It's no wonder he's reached the heights he has."

-Hanna Tower


Reach your target audience with Digital Mirror using IMPACTFUL and ENGAGING Interactions.


Using the power of technology and creativity, Digital Mirror understands the client's journey. Technology designed to put our customers in front of their audience using the very best innovations and tools to fuel the success of your campaigns. We bring high impact visuals for social media sharing and opportunities for viral marketing.

How Does It Work?

When you add our OOH creative solutions to your media mix, your ROI increases by 40% and drives 4x the exposure of social and digital presentations. Meaning that every 1 in 4 Canadians has uploaded a OOH ad onto their social media. A social audience is 48% more likely to interact with a mobile ad after coming across the same ad previously seen OOH.  


How Do I Get Started?

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