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White Label Game Activations

"Gaming as a Cultural Force Just Stepped to the Forefront of Entertainment"

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What are Brand Games and How can I use them?

You can use Brand Games as a brand activation.  Collect leads (via cloud-based leadgen form/system).  You can show a leaderboard, to entice users to compete for high scores.  You can give away prizes at the end of the campaign. Share scores via FB/Twitter and more.


What type of Brand Games are available?
Choose from fully ready Arcade Games, Trivia Style, Tournament Solutions, Scavenger Hunt, Leaderboards and more to provide brand activations and experiential experiences with your brand front and center.

What type of Data can be collected?

  • Name (via leadgen form)

  • Email Address  (via leadgen form)

  • Phone (via leadgen form)

  • Number of times a game is played (via leadgen form)

  • Location (via Google Analytics)

  • Usage time  (via Google Analytics)

How it Works?

Step 1: Choose your branded interactive game style

Step 2: You can provide creative 1:1 design assets, or we can create it!

Step 3: We will send you a proof for your approval


$5-10K USD  

2-4 weeks turnaround time. Inclusive of game license. 

It's a one-time cost, no recurring charges. 


"Gaming as a Cultural Force Just Stepped to the Forefront of Entertainment"


With millions of Americans quarantined at home due to efforts to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, many have turned to their screens for entertainment. And though TV viewing has risen and streaming services are enjoying solid gains, gaming has exploded like never before to become the new social currency and a cultural force.

It offers an escape and a meaningful connection between friends and family—far more than a Zoom call. So why does gaming matter more than ever? And how can your brand authentically connect with the gaming community?

Gaming enters the big leagues

The onset of online multiplayer games, online tournaments, livestreaming and community platforms has turned gaming into a social activity. According to Verizon, U.S. video game usage during peak hours has gone up 75% since the quarantine first went into effect.

As marketers adapt to the new reality and look to shift channel investments, gaming is one of the first channels they should consider.

To put the opportunity into perspective, consider that gaming is now a $139 billion a year (and growing) business, making it bigger than the NFL, NBA, MLB and the NHL combined. From an esports perspective, the $30 million prize pool for Dota 2: The International was almost three times larger than that of either the Super Bowl or the Masters Tournament.

It’s not just about playing video games anymore either. More time is spent watching gaming videos and streams on YouTube or Twitch than HBO, Netflix, ESPN and Hulu combined.


With the major pro leagues, March Madness and now the Summer Olympics all canceled or delayed, esports has emerged as the only game in town. Sports networks are pivoting to broadcasting esports tournaments and seeing big results.


For example, La Liga in Spain organized a FIFA 20 video game tournament that was played by 18 real-world stars of La Liga and watched by 170,000 online fans. The online tournament also ran on Spanish TV and raised $150,00 to fight COVID-19.

Meanwhile, Fox Sports is now set to broadcast the full season of eNASCAR’s Pro Invitational iRacing Series following an inaugural event that was the most watched esports event in U.S. television history. Similar events are sure to follow, which will only further the adoption of esports while accelerating their legitimacy among American sports fans.


The opportunity for brands

Brands across both mainstream and luxury sectors are already moving aggressively into this world. Nike recently sponsored League of Legends teams in China, while Louis Vuitton (not a brand immediately associated with gamers) created a bespoke and on-brand travel case for the League of Legends World Championship trophy.

With 31% of American adults playing video games in the last 30 days, the gaming population is vast. 

Gaming as a Cultural Force Just Stepped

to the Forefront of Entertainment (full article)

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